Training & Maintenance Programs

3-D Computer Animated & Virtual Reality Immersive Maintenance Training Programs


STI developed an Interactive 3D Computer Animated Program, to answer the need to quickly train personnel on how to disassemble and re-assemble circuit breakers (and other complex equipment), in the most efficient manner. With the reductions of staff and available man-hours, coupled with the need to maintain high equipment reliability, we have devised a program that is truly a “just in time” training and maintenance program.

Additionally, STI has also developed 3D Computer Animated Maintenance approaches for various other complex devices such as Motor Operated Valves, Air Operated Valves, BWR Main Coolant Pump Seals, Aux Feed Water Pumps, Air Locks, etc.. This tool encompasses great applications and we are open to modeling other complex equipment besides circuit breakers.

Both the 3-D Computer Animated and Virtual Reality Immersive Maintenance Training Programs are fully customizable. We can hand draw, put into 3-D, and also virtualize almost any kind of device or component to fit client specified needs and wants.

Preparing the Next Generation

STI is taking the lead in revolutionizing the way industries prepare their new trainees and personnel through our Virtual Reality Immersive programs. New trainees and personnel will be able to learn or re-learn, understand, and fully master jobs and tasks through virtually rendered industrial scenarios, maintenance, and simulations all free from the constraints of equipment availability, etc..

Virtual environments fully eliminate the potential risks of traditional training activities. No student, personnel, or even equipment is exposed to any type of risk or danger. Using existing Virtual Reality technology (primarily the HTC VIVE), we have created an immersive virtual world where personnel, students,  and trainees can find themselves in the appropriate environment they need work in where they can also walk/maneuver, observe, and interact with their surroundings.

All of our Virtual Reality Immersive programs simulate real world behaviors without the limitations of requiring and maintaining physical hardware of the devices/machines or the necessary industrial space needed for training. All virtual environments possess electrical, mechanical, and physical characteristics of the industry and obey the laws of physics.

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