Systems Technology, Inc

STI – A Circuit Breaker Specialty Services Company

Systems Technology Inc. is proud to announce the addition of Virtual Reality (VR)  to the current product line!


“Hands On Training”

Trainees and students are able to learn from realistic installations within a classroom environment – allowing them to learn from mistakes without expensive and dangerous consequences. Trainees and students will gain valuable experience in much less time than conventional methods.

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3-D Computer Animated Programs

Our 3-D Computer Animated Programs are fully customizable and are fit to your company standards and regulations. They are designed to help technicians, mechanics, engineers, etc.. stop “knowledge-decay” and preserve knowledge of all applicable machines, devices, and equipment.

SAP Preview

“Fully Customizable”

The STI 3-D Computer Animated Programs are developed by our CAD team who hand draw each and every part of your device. Our 3-D designs of your device model contain all pieces and hardware down to each wire, screw, and bolt – nothing gets left out. What you see in our program is 100% the exact same model of your equipment.

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