STI Circuit Breaker Refurbishment

Our breaker overhaul services are typically performed in our Chantilly, Virginia facility.

However, we also offer on-site refurbishment services. A key element which we address in our program is that we offer a complete refurbishment including total tear down to the lowest practical component to expose all pivots and bearing surfaces that require cleaning, inspection and lubrication. Our program address the concerns of INPO SOER 98.02, as our quality control is held to very high standards. Typical breaker overhaul addresses the following:

  • Breaker as found inspection of contacts, controls, wiring interlocks, etc.
  • Remove and disassemble the operating mechanism
  • Disassemble breakers to smallest practical sub component
CB Parts
  • Inspect for wear and clean the operating mechanism
  • Remove all old lubricant, and neutralize solvents
  • Completely re-lubricate the operating mechanism and contact pivots
  • Inspect and clean control devices
  • General cleaning of balance of breaker, (i.e. frame and structure, insulating components, phase moldings)
Cleaning Process
  • Reassemble breaker
  • Set-up, adjust and verify assembly and for final testing
  • Electrical testing
  • Mechanical/Operational testing

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