About STI

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Systems Technology, Inc (STI) is a Virginia Corporation located at
14925 Bogle Dr., Chantilly, VA 20151 located near the Dulles Airport complex.

STI is a Circuit Breaker Specialty Services Company specializing in meeting the technical needs of the electric power and consumer industry. STI was founded in 1983 and is recognized as an industry leader in quality nuclear power engineering, and circuit breaker training and overhaul services. STI has more than 60 years combined experience in the nuclear/fossil power industry. As an employer of some of the industry’s top breaker specialists, STI held a long-term contract representing the Nuclear Services Division (NSD) of Westinghouse, and, under contract with NMAC/EPRI, STI provided technical support for Circuit Breaker Users Group Conferences.

Many plants highlight the importance of having in-house breaker overhaul talent to perform receipt inspection, corrective maintenance actions, and breaker overhauls.

To this end, STI developed an Interactive 3D Computer Animated Program, to answer the need to quickly train personnel on how to disassemble and re-assemble circuit breakers (and other complex equipment), in the most efficient manner. With the reductions of staff and available man-hours, coupled with the need to maintain high equipment reliability, we have devised a program that is truly a “just in time” training and maintenance program.

STI has also coupled the 3D Computer Animated Maintenance Training Program with an on-site, hands on training session option.  This approach offers the customer a one or two week on site course using the STI 3D program while plant personnel are trained on both the software and the breaker overhaul. Our typical on-site training program includes a one or two week on-site training session whereby STI instructors along with plant personnel refurbish two to three breakers as a hands on exercise. The STI 3D Program Procedures take into account the OEM tech manual and the plant PM Procedures etc.. Final exams are either written or performance based is optional.